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  • Coolant

    Coolant antifreeze - for the cooling system (radiators) Used in all modern gasoline and diesel engines of cars and trucks, including engines made of light metals (aluminum or aluminum alloys). These products are used throughout the year as they have anti-corrosion, lubricating and anti-oxidizing additives. Coolant concentrate must be diluted with water before use - it is undesirable to use it in a clean, undiluted form. The product is miscible with water in any proportions, see the table.

  • Glass washer
  • Brake fluid
  • Flushing engine

    Engine flushing fluid. When changing oil without flushing, a significant part of the pollution, which is carbon deposits (carbon deposits, sludge, spongy formations) and other pollution remain in the engine. This leads to severe wear of parts and clogging of the engine lubrication system, which reduces the life of the engine. In such cases, as well as before using high-quality ADDINOL oils, we recommend flushing the engine with ADDINOL FLUSHING OIL SUPER flushing fluid. High-quality flushing of the engine, safe for rubber seals, gaskets, oil seals. Flushing the engine ADDINOL FLUSHING OIL SUPER softens and removes carbon deposits, wear products, carbon deposits. It releases coked piston rings and stuck hydraulic compensators, cleaning the oil channels and improving oil circulation, which provides a more complete discharge of old oil from the car's engine.